And so it begins.

A week ago, my husband and I started a journey.  As I sought people who might be able to understand where I am coming from, I realized that I had a lot to say but very little audience.  I doubt most people will care, but I know for sure that I have things to say about my journey.  I also know that if I don’t say them, then they are quite likely to hold me back.  The journey we started was to begin the Colorado Diet and achieve a State of Slim.  We have now begun week 2.  Some of my insights are recorded here.

I know eating healthy is a challenge. The greatest piece of that challenge for me is time. I have only “dieted” now twice in my life but my food issues clearly stem from external imposition. When I was 8, I was diagnosed with diabetes and given a meal plan to follow. My recollection is that it didn’t tell me what to eat but how much. Regardless, I recall times when I wanted more and couldn’t have it or was expected to eat when I had no desire.  That food plan never changed as I grew and changed as a person.  As a result, I used food as a way to control the meal plan.  And of course, now, I am a large person.  About 7 years ago my husband and I were very successful losing weight by tracking our calories, fat, carbs, and protein while increasing our activity. We both agree that we can lose weight. However, we found the process of tracking our intake and output to be exhausting and it took up a log of time that we just don’t have. That “diet” had some good parts.

Now we are working on having a Colorado lifestyle which is focused on making healthy choices. This first phase is a bit brutal….the restrictions on what we can heat are challenging but the rules (to live by, forever) make sense. I have realized that I crave carbohydrates. I love crackers, cookies, cereals, anything that has carbs but is NOT whole grain. Don’t get me wrong, I can eat whole grain (and like it) but that isn’t my craving. I know that phase 1 of this way of existance is helping me both recognize and conquer those cravings. I have noticed that the times I begin thinking about the cookies, crackers, cereals are at times when my plan says I should be eating anyways. Once I conquer the hunger with my protein and permitted carb then the craving goes away. I have always thought that craving carbs was a form of hunger but now I know that it is hunger but not necessarily for carbs. Limiting the carbs has helped me recognize that I can accomplish a lot simply by identifying my challenges.

And the good news…after 8 days, I am down 6 pounds.  And my husband is down 9.  Only many more to go.


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