Hip Hip Hooray!

The last week and a half has been a bit of a challenge.  One week ago I had surgery on my left hand which made getting my activity done quite challenging.  It also didn’t help that I wasn’t smart enough to bring SOS friendly foods with me to eat after surgery and they only had graham crackers and applesauce to feed me.  Not diet friendly at all!  Unfortunately, that and some other poor choices made Thursday, 6/19 a bad day.

I’ve learned some very important things about lifestyle choices this week.  A major one is that it is really important that you trust your lifestyle companions to help make responsible decisions instead of indulging you needlessly.  For example, when you are recovering from surgery and ask your spouse for the food you want (not diet friendly, either), then make sure your diet companion knows how to respond while following your new lifestyle.  When I asked for Honey Nut Chex (which I ate an excessive amount of), the proper lifestyle companion response should have been “how about I make you a protein smoothie with milk?” instead of indulging the request.  I guess love is that double edge sword because he feels bad if he doesn’t give me what I want but should realize that the best love to show is the one that recognizes what I need instead.

Despite the lifestyle oops and the surgery, I have weathered the challenges well.  We had our first indulgence meal on Saturday lunch.  It is ironic because we were looking forward to the meal far enough ahead to actually schedule the time/event.  We chose the hospital employee appreciation picnic.  Last year there were a collection of food trucks offering delicious options.  This year was similar but the organizers definitely had our SOS in mind when they limited each person to 3 tickets to get food.  The consequence was that we had to really be thoughtful about exactly what we would eat.  We chose different foods so that we could share and taste each other’s.  We had some pizza, gourmet hot dog, chicken and waffles, bbq pork, and then we each selected a cup cake for dessert.  Once we had eaten, we took a walk around campus and talked about how our first indulgence meal felt.  We all agreed that it wasn’t really all that great.  My general feeling was that I would have much more preferred to eat by the lifestyle and indulge with adding my favorite Sam’s No 3 ranch dressing to a salad.  Mark also agreed that the foods were not nearly what he had wanted.  As we approach our next indulgence meal, this one has been much more planned for us.  Back in February we were invited to attend a celebration for my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday at a historic restaurant outside of Boulder.  It will be our indulgence meal, but I can imagine that my brain will be circling with the thoughts of how to indulge without actually completely obliterating the lifestyle.  It will be a challenge because it is a 6 course meal–and I’m sure there will be a bread basket.


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