Grab and Go Lifestyle

Today starts week 5 of phase 2. Phase 2 has meant that we can eat more variety of foods like berries, whole grain tortillas, winter squash, sweet potatoes, lean pork, canadian bacon, olives, avocados, and pistachios. The weight loss has definitely slowed a bit but is still impressive. Here at the start of week 5, I have lost a total of 15.5 pounds. I admit that I have had some bumpy challenges in terms of food choices, but one of the things that has helped me through those have been the general feeling of well being that I have felt since starting SOS.

That is a great transition into the best news about this lifestyle, and the one that really makes me happy. On June 26, I had my yearly blood work drawn to check things like my lipids, metabolism, thyroid, and kidney function. I was super impressed with the results this year. While still corrected with a low dose statin, my lipids are all normal. Not only are they normal, but the values meet the new recommendations published at the end of 2013. While I would love to no longer take a statin, I can at least be happy that there is no reason to increase my dose or use a stronger medication. All of my other values hit inside the normal range (or even just under) so I really can’t complain about any thing.

So now that I’ve said what has kept me going, I can also identify things that keep me convinced this lifestyle is for me. In terms of food, I have been satisfied. Mostly I eat simple foods like salads and pure proteins like meat. I eat plenty of yogurt which means my digestive system is (mostly) healthy. My husband and I agree that this lifestyle actually fits our busy lives. We are on the go a lot. By planning ahead and packing our food, we really are much more capable of eating healthy than when we lived a grab and go lifestyle. Honestly, though, our lifestyle is still grab and go. We grab a bag/container of protein and some veggies from home and go!