Phase 1 Complete

Yeehaw!  Phase 1 is permanently behind us!  I am proud to say that I lost 10 pounds in phase 1.  Mark is at a little more than 11 pounds.  The loss has been both easier and harder than I expected.  It is easier because all I have to do is eat.  It is harder because I view summer as my relax time.  I read books, I watch videos, I clean the house.  None of that is happening.  I worry about this because once school begins, my life gets so hectic and complicated.  I have to convince myself to stick with the program because the ultimate end will be good and worthwhile.

Some food tricks I have learned while embarking on this journey are the spiralizer.  This awesome tool basically shaves vegetables into spaghetti like strings.  The good news for that is that I can eat “pasta” without actually eating all of the carbs in pasta.  The bad news at this point is that my favorite marinara sauce appears to be off limits because it has more fat than I would want to consume right now.  I think when my metabolism is stronger, I will opt to eat this a bit more often, but not as I am rebuilding it.

Phase 2 begins today which means that our food choices expand somewhat.  We can add some additional proteins like Canadian bacon, lean pork, other lean meats (beside chicken, turkey and beef).  I am excited to add the Canadian bacon because it will make scrambled egg whites much more delicious.  Yesterday, I made some delicious egg cups using the Canadian bacon, asparagus, egg whites, and cottage cheese.  My secret ingredient, not in the original recipe, was dry mustard!  I’m convinced the mustard made all the difference in the world.  Even Ellie said these were delicious.  In addition to the updated protein choices, we can start adding limited quantities of whole grains, rice cakes, high fiber tortillas, and BERRIES (once a day).  The added foods will make eating a new experience.  Phase 1 had become a chore.